Hjort, Ove Jacob (1827-1879) | Nordic

Name: Hjort, Ove Jacob (1827-1879)
Fuller Form: Hjort, Rev. Ove Jacob

Historical Note:

Hjort was born in Christiania (Oslo) in 1827.  He immigrated in 1861.  Hjort was a trustee of Luther College.  He was also the minister of a church in Painted Creek, Iowa from 1862 until he died.

Ove Jakob Hjort was born Mar. 21, 1827 at Christiania, Norway, the son of Regimental Surgeon Dr. Jens Johan Hjort and wife Louise Augusta (nee Petersen) Education: private instruction, 1839-4s; University at Christiania, 1845-46. In 1861 he immigrated to the U.S. Attended Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, 1861-62, Ordained, 1862. Pastor at Waterville, Iowa (East and West Paint Creek Churches) 1862-1879. Married to Christiane Elisabeth Otteson in 1855. Died: 1873. Later Married Henriette Neuberg. Died: 1879. Pastor Hjort died Dec. 14, 1879.


Hjort var født i Christiania [Oslo] i 1827. Han immigrerte i 1861. Han satt i styret for Luther College. Han var også prest i Waterville, Iowa fra 1862 til han døde.

Sources: Adapted from original collection description