Mallam, R. Clark (1940-1986) | Nordic

Name: Mallam, R. Clark (1940-1986)
Variant Name: Mallam, Clark

Historical Note:

Received his PhD from the University of Kansas; taught at Luther College, 1969-1986; founder of the anthropology department at Luther; directed the archeological research center at Luther College; studied Native American mounds and culture in the Effigy Mounds area.


1940    Born, January 7 in Beatrice, Nebraska to Harold Mallam and Ruth Chapman Mallam.

1957    Received diploma from Wymore High School, Nebraska.

1959    Received Associate of Arts degree from Fairbury Junior College (Fairbury, Nebraska).

1959-1961    Served as a Field Infantry Medic for the U. S. Army, Alaskan Command.

1961    Married Judith Shore

1963    Received Bachelor of Science degree in History from University of Nebraska.

1963-1965    Taught history at Grand Island High School, Nebraska.

1964    Awarded the William Robertson Coe Fellowship in American Studies at University of Wyoming.

1966    Received Master of Arts degree in Anthropology from Adams State College, Colorado

1966    Taught history and chaired department at Pershing College in Beatrice, Nebraska.

1967    Taught Social Studies at University of Nebraska.

1969    Joined Faculty of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa as Director of Archeological Research Center and Assistant Professor.

1972    Awarded Fellowship from University of Kansas Institute in Humanistic Computation.

1972    Earned Faculty Growth Award fro the American Lutheran Church (and again in 1982).

1973    Received Master of Philosophy from University of Kansas

1973    Named Director of Effigy Mounds Survey, Allamakee County, Iowa.

1975    Received Doctor of Philosophy from University of Kansas

1978    Awarded University House Fellowship from University of Iowa.

1979-1983    Named Danforth Associate by the Danforth Foundation.

1982    Awarded Scholar in Residence by Kansas Committee for the Humanities.

1986    Died, June 2, at home of a brain tumor.

Sources: Library catalog and legacy finding aid
Note Author: Sarah Romine and Shan Thomas