Bale, Jens (1844-1923) | Nordic

Name: Bale, Jens (1844-1923)

Historical Note:

Bale attended Luther College from 1872 to 1874.  He graduated from Luther Seminary and in 1878 was ordained.  He eventually became a minister in the Norwegian Synod.  Bale was born in Balestrand on May 10, 1844.  He served as a minister in Minneapolis as well as in North Dakota from 1878 until 1896.


Bale studerte ved Luther College fra 1872 til 1874. Han studerte også ved Luther Seminary og ble ordinert til prest i 1878. Han ble prest i Den norske synoden. Bale var født i Balestrand, 10. mai 1844. Han ble senere prest i Minneapolis og deretter en lang periode, fra 1878 til 1896 i Nord-Dakota.