Naeseth, Christian A. (1849-1921) | Nordic

Name: Naeseth, Christian A. (1849-1921)
Fuller Form: Naeseth, Christen Andreas

Historical Note:

Naeseth was born in Koshkonong, Wisconsin on March 1, 1849.  He attended Luther College 1869-1874 (A.B., A.M.), receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1874, and his CT from Concordia Seminary in 1877 (1874-77). Christiania Univ., 1877-78; Cornell Univ. and Johns Hoplins U., 1884-85.  He was a pastor in Luverne, Minnesota for four years (1878-82) before he began his career as a professor (1882-11) and librarian (1887-20) at Luther.  He was also the treasurer of the Iowa District of the Norwegian Synod from 1886 to 1895.  Naeseth married Caroline Mathilde Koren in 1886.  He died February 17, 1921.


Naeseth ble født i Koshkonong, Wisconsin 1. mars 1849. Han studerte ved Luther College og tok bachelorgraden der i 1874 og en lærereksamen ved Concordia Seminary i 1877. Han jobbet som prest i Minnesota i fire år før han begynte som professor og bibliotekar på Luther i 1882. Han var også kasserer for Den norske synodens Iowa District fra 1886 til 1895. Naeseth giftet seg med Carolin Mathilde Koren i 1886. Han døde 17. februar 1921.

Sources: Adapted from original collection description.