Preus, J. C. K. (Johan Carl Keyser) (1881-1983) | Nordic

Name: Preus, J. C. K. (Johan Carl Keyser) (1881-1983)

Historical Note: Son of Christian Keyser Preus, professor at Luther College and grandson of Herman Amberg Preus, founder of Luther College; graduated from Luther College, 1902; while at Luther: involved in Chips, played baseball, member of the concert band; attended Luther Seminary; ordained, 1905; served as pastor in Minnesota. Born in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin, December 5, 1881; married Diderikke Margrethe "Dikka" Brandt in 1907; died December 8, 1983 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Translated, edited, and published the diary of his grandmother, Linka Preus, along with his wife Dikka in 1952.