Rugland family | Nordic

Name: Rugland family

Historical Note:

Walter Strom Rugland, who graduated from Luther College in 1959, donated this collection.  He served on the Luther College Board of Regents from 1985-1997.  Walter Strom Rugland was the son of Walter Livingstone Rugland and Nora Strom.  W.L. Rugland graduated from Luther in 1929.  He became president of Aid Association for Lutherans.  Nora Strom’s father graduated from Luther College in 1891 and became a pastor.  Thore Peterson Skotland, the great-great-grandfather of Walter Strom Rugland, was one of the three men who incorporated Luther College.  Many other family members also had contact with Luther College.


Samlingen er donert av Walter Strom Rugland, som gikk ut fra Luther College i 1959. Han satt i styret for Luther College (Board of Regents) fra 1985 til 1997. Walter Strom Rugland var sønn av Walter Livingstone Rugland og Nora Strom. Ruglands far gikk ut fra Luther i 1929. Han ble president for Aid Association for Lutherans. Nora Stroms far gikk ut fra Luther College i 1891 og ble prest. Thore Peterson Skotland, tipp-tipp-oldefaren til Walter Strom Rugland, var en av de tre menn som inkorporerte Luther College. Mange andre familiemedlemmer hadde også et forhold til Luther College.