Sihler, William Paul (1865-1941) | Nordic

Name: Sihler, William Paul (1865-1941)
Variant Name: Sihler, Billy

Historical Note:

William Paul Sihler was born Nov. 5, 1865 at Fort Wayne, Ind. Attended Concordia College, 1877-73; Concordia Seminary, 1883-86 (CT); Univ. of Wis., 1887-88 (MA); Johns Hopkins Univ., 1889-90. Teacher of parochial school, 1886-87; Dr. Sachs Collegiate Institute, 1888-89.

Sihler taught German at Luther College from 1890-1940.  His experience playing professional baseball helped to promote the development of the game at Luther.

He married Amelia Schust on June 23, 1893. They had four children, including Margaret Sihler and Rev. E.W. Sihler. Died 1941.


Sihler underviste i tysk på Luther College fra 1890 til 1940. Som tidligere profesjonell baseball spiller.


Adapted from original collection description.

Obituary, Decorah Public Opinion, July 15, 1941,