Talle, Henry O. (1892-1969) | Nordic

Name: Talle, Henry O. (1892-1969)
Fuller Form: Talle, Henry Oscar

Historical Note:

Talle was born January 12, 1892 in Bancroft, Minnesota and graduated from Luther College in 1917.  He joined the Luther faculty in 1921 and organized the department of economics in 1921 and taught. until 1938 serving as treasurer from 1932-38. He then went to Washington D.C. as congressman from the second Iowa district, a position he held until January of 1959. He was active in Symra society; and was active in getting accreditation for the Decorah College for Women in 1935. He was one of the men influencial in changing Luther to a Coed school.


Talle, født i Bancroft, Minnesota, 12. januar 1892, gikk ut fra Luther College i 1917. Han begynte å undervise på Luther i 1921 og organiserte økonomiavdelingen. Han ble på Luther til 1938. Samme år ble han valgt inn i kongressen, der han tjenestegjorde i tjue år.

Sources: Adapted from original collection description.