Brandt family | Nordic

Name: Brandt family

Historical Note:

The Brandt family had an integral part in the administration of Luther College in its early days.  Diderikke Brandt, the wife of early Luther professor Nils Brandt, was famous for her caring demeanor and her motherly commitment toward the Luther students.  Nils Brandt served as Luther’s first college pastor.    Also included in this collection are the papers of their son, Realf Brandt as well as other relatives including Thalette Mathilde Galby Brandt, Olaf Elias Brandt, Olaf Johan Brandt and Emma Louise Galby Brandt.


Brandtfamilien var sentral i oppbyggingen av Luther College. Diderikke Brandt, kona til professor Nils Brandt, var kjent for sin moderlige omsorg for studentene. Nils Brandt, en av de seks prestene som stiftet Den norske synode, var også Luther Colleges første prest.