Enoch E. Peterson (1891-1978) | Nordic

Name: Enoch E. Peterson (1891-1978)

Historical Note: Peterson was born in Liberty Pole, Wisconsin on September 24, 1891. He graduated from Luther College in 1912 and taught Latin there for nine years before attending the The University of Michigan. He received his master’s degree from that institution one year later. For the next thirteen years, Peterson participated in or headed several excavations in Asia, Africa, and Europe. His greatest achievement was the discovery and the ensuing studies of an entire Greco-Roman city. In 1935, he became a curator and later director of the Kelsey Museum of Ancient and Mediaeval Archaeology and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters by Luther College in 1941. After his retirement from the museum, he moved to Fargo, North Dakota, where he died on September 16, 1978.