Lee, Robert E.A. (1921-2009) | Nordic

Name: Lee, Robert E.A. (1921-2009)
Variant Name: Robert Lee
Fuller Form: Lee, Robert Edward Alexander

Historical Note: Robert E.A. Lee was born in Spring Grove, MN on November 9, 1921. Lee graduated from Luther College in 1942 wtih a degree in music. From 1954 to 1988, Lee served as the executive secretary of Lutheran Film Associates; he also served as the executive director of communications for the Lutheran Council in the United States of America from 1964 through 1988. Lee is most recognized for serving as the executive producer for the Oscar-nominated 1966 documentary A Time for Burning, a 1966 documentary examing American race relations during the civil rights movement. Lee worked on several other films, including Oscar-nominated Martin Luther (1953), Question 7 (1961), and The Joy of Bach (1980). He passed away on Feburary 27, 2007.
Sources: Fox, Margalit. "Robert E. A. Lee, Who Made 'A Time for Burning,' Dies at 87." The New York Times March 7, 2009. Accessed March 19, 2018. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/08/us/08lee.html
Note Author: Hayley Jackson