Preus, Herman A. (Herman Amberg) (1896-1995) | Nordic

Name: Preus, Herman A. (Herman Amberg) (1896-1995)
Fuller Form: Herman Amberg

Historical Note: Born July 28, 1896 at Spring Prairie Wisconsin, son of Christian Keyser (C.K.) Preus and Louisa "Lulla" Hjort Preus. Graduated from Luther College in 1916, served in the Navy, 1920; earned his L.L. B at the University of Minnesota, 1920, earned M.Th at Luther Seminary, 1925, earned PhD from Edinburgh University, 1928. Additionally studied at Menighetsfakultet and University of Oslo in Norwway, in Tubingen, Germany, and in Paris France. Ordained in 1928, served at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1928-1936. Joined faculty of Luther Seminary in 1936. Married Florence Catherine Nesbitt in 1930. Passed away in 1995.
Sources: Herman Amberg Preus: A Family History.
Note Author: HRJ