Fossum, Andrew (1860-1943) | Nordic

Name: Fossum, Andrew (1860-1943)
Fuller Form: Fossum, Andrew, Ph. D.

Historical Note:

Fossum attended Luther College from 1876 to 1882 when he received his bachelor’s degree.  In 1884, he received his master’s degree from Luther.  He continued his education at Johns Hopkins University where he received his Doctor of Philosophy.  Fossum taught at Concordia College and St. Olaf College in Minnesota.  He was also the author of “The Theatre at Eretria”, “The Theater at Sikyon”, and “The Norse Discovery of America.”  Fossum is believed to be the first Norwegian-American to earn a PhD.


Fossum studerte ved Luther College fra 1876 til 1882 da han tok bachelorgraden. I 1884 tok han mastergraden ved Luther. Han fortsatte utdannelsen sin ved Johns Hopkins University hvor han tok doktorgraden i filosofi. Fossum underviste ved Concordia College og St. Olaf College i Minnesota. Han skrev også “The Theatre at Eretria”, “The Theater at Sikyon” og “The Norse Discovery of America”. Fossum var en av de første norsk-amerikanerne som tok en amerikansk doktorgrad.